Understanding what it takes to overcome fear and self-doubt has been at the root of Paul ‘Stalkie’ Stalker’s personal transformation from educational misfit, wayward youth, failed businessman and dying man, to iron man, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, consultant to FTSE 100 companies, personal coach to corporate leaders and elite athletes, and mentor to disengaged children and life-serving prisoners.

Now, Stalkie – star of Channel 4’s fly-on-the-wall documentary ‘Improve Your Life Now!’ – has distilled his knowledge and experience of the principles that underpin emotional and physical wellbeing, self-motivation and personal fulfilment into ‘YOU CAN RAISE YOUR GAME!’, a ground-breaking interactive reading and audio-visual experience.

Accompanied by a free ‘RAISE AR’ app, every reader of ‘YOU CAN RAISE YOUR GAME!’ can undertake their own personal transformation through a series of positive psychology exercises demonstrated and coached by Stalkie himself in his unique high energy, no-nonsense, humorous way.

Using augmented reality (AR) technology, readers can simply use their smartphone to scan a series of barcodes printed throughout the book and access 100+ films and exercises that Stalkie has specially filmed to ignite your potential.

The series of short films work alongside the contents of the book, illustrating the simple day to day steps and ‘mindset tools’ you can use to stack-up your self-belief, choose the right attitude and behaviour to bring the very best out of you – no matter what your personal starting point is.

You Can Raise Your Game Now – Sample Contents Include:

  • Overcoming fear and low self-esteem
  • Understanding why you do what you do
  • Swapping frustration and powerlessness for control
  • Becoming a powerful communicator
  • Identifying and building your strengths
  • Being true to yourself and what you stand for
  • Achieving optimum health and vitality

Live Happy, Be Fulfilled. Here’s how. You Can Raise your Game Book

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“Paul’s approach to motivation is as far as I know unique in the UK and the world… An inspiring and stimulating read…Paul is an amazing guy, with some wonderful ideas”

– Julian Richer, Founder, Richer Sounds, philanthropist and author of ‘The Richer Way’

“You Can Raise Your Game! methodology is both very different and very powerful. Stalkie makes people think about their lives in a direction that no-one probably has had them thinking before”

– Sir Charles Dunstone, co-founder Carphone Warehouse, Chairman Dixons Carphone and TalkTalk Group

“Stalkie and his team know what it takes to make people excel and win”

– Martin Johnson CBE, England Rugby World Cup Winning Captain

“I have used Stalkie’s material to help transform and rehabilitate some of the country’s most dangerous category A prisoners”

– Clive Ludlow, Prison Officer, Belmarsh Prison, Europe’s most secure jail

“I think this information will help me communicate better with my family and also help me with doing time in prison”

– Zubair Khan, LM6038, Lifer, Belmarsh prison

“Paul was diagnosed with a very serious form of cancer. His spirit and fight were outstanding. He really did raise his game”

– Professor Ghulam Mufti, Professor of Haematological Oncology, King’s College, London

“Stalkie is great at drilling into the nitty gritty, defining the root problem and then coming up with solutions to resolve them”

“Thank you for getting me out of bed in the morning with a passion to make every day count”

“The whole You Can Raise Your Game! Experience is uplifting. You come away feeling energised and motivated”

“I’ve learnt to communicate so much better in every aspect of my life, with my family, at work, and I’m way more confident socially. Hey, it’s not rocket science, but the penny just dropped when I was training with these guys”