Making a Difference to You and Your Business

Entrepreneurs are the personal engines driving the creation and growth of new businesses. They can also be the people holding them back, once they discover the skills that launched the business are not necessarily the same ones needed to help them grow.

Having worked with over 150,000 colleagues in some of the most exciting and demanding businesses around the world, what consistently resonates with Paul ‘Stalkie’ Stalker and his Extra Mile team is that the leaders of fast-growing companies, regardless of industry or size, all voice very similar challenges; from balancing the use of capital and cash flow to hiring, on-boarding and retaining top talent; to over-depending upon a few key clients and matching capacity with demand.

Then there’s the need to keep on top of the technology and data explosion; to wow col-leagues, suppliers and customers; to embrace and manage change; to delegate, train and trust your senior team; to establish and maintain outstanding relationships and reputation…

…Then what happens when you go home? When you put your head on the pillow at night, do you sleep safe and tight in the knowledge that you are truly looking after your personal well-being and enjoying the relationships you crave with your family, loved ones and friends? Do you ever wonder if you’re good enough to sustain growth in all areas of your life?

And how about your fellow leaders and their teams? How are they developing and performing? Are they aligned to your vision and values? Are you mutually accountable?
The struggle to achieve work (career and ambition) and life (health, pleasure, leisure, family and spiritual development) balance often invades and colonises the territory of the business leader.
Becoming a Raising Your Game Masterminder will furnish you with the attitudinal, behavioural and practical tools to accomplish the balanced life you deserve and introduce you to a network of like-minded people who are there to learn, share and act alongside you.

It is also a gift that you can bestow upon your team members by introducing a Raising Your Game Mastermind Group within your company.
Why not join us? We would love the opportunity to support you in becoming the architect, builder and owner of the most fulfilled and happy life you could wish for yourself and for those you lead and care for.


These are a few first-hand highlights of some typical breakthroughs in the business and personal lives of some of our current Mastermind Group Members…

“There’s so much we have learnt from the other business leaders and sectors in the Group that we have brought in to our own forward planning”

“Stalkie’s unique, very funny and charismatic – there’s a real depth and wealth of business experience he’s turned around some very big businesses”

“The session on colleague and customer measurement enabled us to introduce the Net Promoter Score concept in our business which has had real value”