Your Invitation from Paul ‘Stalkie’ Stalker

Dear Entrepreneur,

After having had a poor education and being a bit of a rascal, by the age of 30 I had man-aged to create a substantial company, become a millionaire and thought I was living the dream… until I lost it all.

Within a few fateful months my business, my marriage and my self-esteem were shattered and my cancer consultant told me I was going to die.

Building myself back up from scratch, to the point where I have never been healthier, wealth-ier and happier in all aspects of my life, is down to an insatiable desire to learn, a pig-headed determination to act, and the support, faith and expertise of many remarkable people who I am blessed to call my friends and mentors.

Some are internationally recognised entrepreneurs, business gurus, thought leaders, motiva-tional coaches and positive psychologists; some are health and nutritional experts; others are unsung heroes whose attitude, care and love can serve as the most profound lesson to us all.

When you and your teams have challenges or opportunities to nail, who do you turn to? Who, what and where are your support mechanisms? Do you have a network of trustworthy peers who share your values and speak openly to you – people willing to unconditionally share their life experience and depth of knowledge?

Do you take time to praise your game and truly celebrate life’s successes?

That’s what my Raising Your Game Mastermind Groups achieve for people just like you.

Come and join us now and learn how to live your life to the full

Love The Day


These are a few first-hand highlights of some typical breakthroughs in the business and personal lives of some of our current Mastermind Group Members…

“The Mastermind Group has been invaluable in a challenging period of growth and acquisition for my business. It’s helped us develop a number of key foundations in the company such as setting our core values, driving the behaviours we expect from our people, how we communicate with our customers, what our unique selling points are and how we differentiate ourselves in the market”

“After 20 years running a business, we had reached a lull in our focus and engagement. Stalkie’s Mastermind forum has brought a breath of fresh air into myself and my business. We’ve introduced new systems and reinvigorated everybody from the workshop, office, designers, fabricators, welders, machinists, throughout all levels in the company”

“Stalkie stretches you. He has a wealth of knowledge. He’s been there and done it but his coaching style draws the answers from within you rather than prescribing what to do”