‘Through a process of improving motivation and introducing coherent strategies, and combining this with pro-active behaviour, he achieved an increase in sales of 250% within 180 days with the target product.’

Sir Charles Dunstone, Carphone Warehouse, TalkTalk, Five Guys…

‘One of the great things Paul has given me is courage. Courage to do the right things, as a business leader, is incredibly hard because it’s million and millions of pounds of decisions that you make. He’s given me the courage to believe that I want to create a legacy, and a business that people are incredibly proud to work in.’

Andrew Harrison, former CEO, Carphone Warehouse

“Paul Stalker gave me the belief in myself to do what I already knew I could do, but didn’t have the confidence to. The change in the way I connected and communicated with my wife, friend and colleagues was dramatic. I walked away from the course raring to go and six months later I won a major award for my business. I doubled my salary; ran two businesses; moved to a larger house and my wife became pregnant. I have total control of my life and it’s great.”

Frank Shivers, Greene King PLC

‘When I arrived in 2005, I found a level of engagement that wasn’t exactly disastrous but wasn’t that great. In some cases it was up to 1 in 3 disengaged people. By the end of the 2008/2009 big project that was down to 1 in 7 people disengaged. Overall B&Q were winning awards in terms of levels of employment and engagement. Now I am sure Stalkie will try and take all the credit for that, and I won’t let him, but I do think they played a really critical role in helping us on that journey.

I think the critical thing that The Extra Mile Partnership bring is a real understanding of how people interact with customers and how everything starts from a base of engagement but has to be delivered in the way that you and your own business needed to work, so if it’s Carphone Warehouse or if it’s B&Q these are obviously different propositions but the theme is the same.

What Stalkie and his guys deliver is a tailored programme that allows you to drive your business from the base which is the right staff, engaging in the right way with our customers. It’s quite easy to talk to people who talk about the service without understanding engagement or engagement without understanding the link to service, but I think The Extra Mile Partnership, at a really practical level, figured out how to make that link work and how to deliver real results.

What I liked about working with The Extra Mile Partnership, is that there is a real practical link between engagement on the shop floor and service that the customer experience.’

Ian Cheshire, former CEO, B&Q

‘The Extra Mile Partnership helped the workforce to really share their passion, knowledge and expertise with other colleagues and more importantly with customers. Not only did we increase our mystery shopper scores from 69% to 84%, the end result of our customer service improvement actually led us to getting recommendation for the Retail Week award.’

Gary Wharmby, Retail Director, Countrywide Farmers

‘It was fantastic, it was inspirational, I’ve got a load of people who are going out of this room with a whole lot more energy than they brought into it. Brilliant! Well done, Stalkie – magic’.

Nick Folland, Legal and Corporate Responsibility Director, B&Q

‘The seminar was a unique course with many benefits. I feel that when you arrive back at your workplace, that is when the course springs to life, you begin to think in a different manner and put the course into perspective.’

Sam Burden, Greene King Plc

“Having built my company from zero, I know the true value of understanding your business at grass roots level. What I did find that with proper motivation of the team or individuals, they are able to improve their potential beyond their imagination.

As businesses grow some employees are inclined to lose touch with the people who really make things happen. This is an ongoing problem that one needs to return to on an ongoing basis. Paul Stalker`s undoubted enthusiasm can help the Directors of a company to pull together those colleagues in the front line and understand how to ignite their potential, motivating them to achieve far more than they could ever have anticipated. The impact on the bottom line can be enormous when this happens, as I experienced with the highest N/P margin and RCE in our industry.”

John McCarthy MBE, Chairman and founder of McCarthy & Stone PLC

‘Any latent creative talents have been exposed, challenged, processed and put into practice with outstanding innovation and increased sales. If this is the way we are moving our business forward then congratulations to Nigel Moore for having the courage and faith in his team to take his division to another dimension.’

Vic Williams, Area Manager, Greene King Plc

‘Thank you for a wonderful seminar – quite the most amazing, affirming, life changing, exhilarating 2 days. God I am fantastic – thanks for giving me the power to see it!’

Kate Blandford, Head of Packaging Design, Sainsburys

‘I have attended three inspirational Stalkie training days as a sales consultant for The Carphone Warehouse. I was in one of the bottom 100 stores selling our main product TalkTalk. The aim of these days was to enable us to sell more and do it with confidence.

The seminar that Stalkie held helped me in more ways than just selling the product, he changed my outlook on life. Without this experience I wouldn’t have accomplished half the thing I have done since. I have realised that if I put my mind to something, no matter what it may be, I can achieve it!

In addition, whilst watching others take part, my appreciation of them and their power was realised. I went back to work buzzing with ideas, everyone could see the difference. I put new plans into action in the store and approached my day in a totally different way.

Work is usually very stressful and all of us feel the pressure but once we started to appreciate life and have fun, so our sales increased! My own personal sales increased throughout the month. With my newfound knowledge I helped other stores too. My store is no longer in the bottom 100. It is now the 27th most improved store in the whole of The Carphone Warehouse. This is due to the effort and time given by Stalkie.’

Becky Hearne, The Carphone Warehouse

‘Wherever Paul has been engaged the results have been startling – perhaps his greatest success has been in leading the roll out of TalkTalk in a group of our worst performing 100 stores, within 2 months of intensive work with Paul and his team sales of TalkTalk more than doubled while sales of other products also improved and, more importantly, these gains in productivity have proven to be firmly embedded. Paul continues to work with TalkTalk and broader CPW Group and we have not hesitation in recommending his services.’

Max Alexander, MD, Carphone Warehouse, Residential Telecomms

‘I’ve never been all that confident with getting up in front of a large group of people and talking on any subject, but with the expertise of Paul Stalker I quickly realised I can achieve whatever I want. The motivation was inspirational, I felt a new sense of belonging and a new feeling of total confidence. The learning process which is taught is totally off the wall but the dividends are amazing. I now look completely differently at the way I merchandise my products, market my business and provide a WOW environment for my customers.’

Anthony Monks, Greene King Plc

‘I am more motivated and am looking for ways to motivate others, rewarding them for a job well done. And thank you for a great session, it really did make me think!!’

Kevin Frostick, Coffee Republic

‘I met Paul Stalker at one of my seminars and in the months that followed we became good friends and mutual admirers. We were in the final steps of negotiation to purchase his publishing company when he became ill. Paul’s company now incorporates the principles of my philosophy ‘The Richer Way” as I modestly call it. Paul’s approach to staff motivation is as far as I know, unique in the UK and would benefit any organisation.’

Julian Richer, founder, Richer Sounds

‘Life coaching with Paul Stalker has been a personal revelation. The focus on ‘what is really important to me’, has improved my performance in business and my balance between work and home.’

Andrew Keating, Director of Store Operations, B&Q

‘We found unambiguously sales consultants who have been through the course 3 months, 6 months down the road are selling harder, faster, better than their peers who have not had the benefit of Stalkie training. Not to over egg it Paul has had a transformational effect on the business.’

Max Alexander, former Managing Director Carphone Warehouse

What I was really looking from The Extra Mile was how could we really lift the morale, how we could reenergise people and really get some passion inside of them and get them excited about working for Debenhams again, and I would recommend the Extra Mile Partnership absolutely to businesses out there who are looking for a need to reenergise their team, to get people really focused and have drive, energy and commitment and a bit of passion back into themselves again.

We started to see positive results not just on the softer measures but also on the harder measures, Measures such as ATV we have seen an improvement on, customer service, and mystery shop results that were carried out within Debenhams.’

Susan Reid, Sales Director, North, Debenhams

‘I think they (Stalkie and The Extra Mile Partnership) have been inspirational. I think they have been educating, informative and also a true high, real energy for everybody. I think there were real moments when suddenly people realised ‘wow’ that’s going to make a real shift. I didn’t know what I was coming to, to be honest, we had entrusted someone within our team to organise it along with Stalkie. I knew it was going to be something about bringing the team together and working as one team, because it was quite disparate. It went well beyond my expectations…where we have ended up a day and a half down the line.’

Cathy Evans Head of H.R. – Kingfisher

‘No one part has been better than the rest, it’s all been outstanding, enthusing and never a dull moment, so it keeps you focussed and actually wanting more.

If you are apprehensive, just let yourself go, immerse yourself in it and you’ll be absolutely amazed in the actual productivity, enjoyment and the room for improvement, in your own personal goals and aims.

Everybody can benefit from this course, from your personal relationship, the family, immediate children right through to your work colleagues and your aspirations in life, as a whole – goals, employment and aims, hobbies, tackling things you never thought you could do before or want to do or haven’t got the conviction or know how to do it.’

Dominic Bennett, COO, Caspian One

‘I was there as you know, with 4 of my colleagues and to a man (and woman) we were enthralled and kept constantly entertained by the antics of you and your team, whilst, almost subconsciously picking up the various messages of strength and determination that you impart.

The most useful element of the seminar was the basic human needs. Entirely logical but rarely considered and often overlooked, at home as well as, in business.

 If I had to describe the seminar in one word, I’d have to say, “inspirational.”

Jason Mannings, Registration Transfers

The energy and goodwill in the room at the end of the session was amazing. We all learnt things about each other which made us look at individuals with renewed respect and inspiration. While being fun, it was actually a very moving experience and as editor, I left feeling extremely proud of the team. The atmosphere the next morning was buzzing and has continued to be positive with reference to the afternoon now passing into the team ’s reference language.’

Suzanne Imre, Editor Living etc, IPC Media

‘Since my sessions with Paul I have gained in confidence at work, deliver presentations confidently and can deal with people more professionally. I have no fear about my work. I have lost over 2 stone in weight my blood pressure has gone to a normal level. I have joined a gym and my relationship with my family is better than ever. The one big change is that I live my life for me and in doing that I can actually give more to other people.’

Chris Tibbetts, GNER, 20 Keys Programme Manager

‘It was a fantastic day and I thoroughly enjoyed Paul’s talk. To be truthful I was a little pessimistic before I went in but I found Paul’s approach to be extremely refreshing. It gave me new insight as to how to motivate my colleagues and to help them motivate themselves without my input.’

Brian, Richer Sounds, Edinburgh store manager

‘Communication is the lifeblood of all business. Throughout my career I have recognised the true value of outstanding communication and Paul Stalker’s work in this field has shown what can be achieved when businesses invest in their people. In the ever more demanding commercial world companies who invest in people will, I’m sure, reap the greatest rewards.’

Lord Taylor of Warwick

‘As Chief Operating Officer of a major PLC I have recognised the value in investing in my health in order to perform at peak level in the business. Paul Stalker’s expertise in this field has helped me significantly, and any senior executive should seriously consider how a well-structured health programme can massively improve performance.’

David Ross Chief Operating Officer, Carphone Warehouse Plc

‘It has reminded me that I am in control of my destiny and that my future and relationships will be as brilliant as I expect them to be. Also, it challenged me to attempt things that I probably would never have done without the encouragement of Stalkie. I believe that by focusing on the points covered during the course, I will be a stronger leader, I will be a more positive and inspiring role model and ultimately my company will benefit from it. Thanks Stalkie!

I am now focusing on maintaining a positive aspect, and more importantly looking at how to integrate some of the simpler points into my team – ie intrinsic motivation, the use of thoughts to overcome negative emotions, and gratitude.

I would encourage anyone to attend the course. They can expect to be inspired to reconsider their attitudes and outlook on life and see a very positive, very powerful approach to all aspects of their lives.’

Adam Danckert, BPS Contact Centre Services

‘The event has already effected the way I think, and the way I believe in myself a lot more. It has made me a better person. I think before I react. The way I motivate my team is now totally different to the way it was before.’

Rhiannon Cousin, BPS Contact Centre Services

“Stalkie’s unique understanding of human nature and what makes people tick puts him at the top of the life coaching tree. He knows what it takes to make people excel… and to win!”

Martin ‘Johnno’ Johnson CBE

‘I have sat through many talks & seminars in my employment with various companies and this was one of the first that not only gave me some great ideas to take away for the work place but also with regards to dealing with the tantrums presented to me by my son!  Not only did Paul help me put issues and problems into a different perspective on how to deal with these but he also made me laugh!’

Chris, Richer Sounds Customer Service manager

‘We gave Stalkie the bottom 100 stores in the company to drive and he had an amazing energising effect on them…we created a revolution within the business but he did it not by going and saying you’ve got to sell more of this stuff because that’s what the company wants you to do, but actually got people to start thinking about what they wanted out of their lives and what they wanted to do and what success looked like for them.

You have to try Stalkie to believe and see the reaction you get in colleagues because it is absolutely transformational. It’s not at too high a level, he is very good at engaging of the level of the audience and I know he goes and does work in prisons and young people, so people from all walks of life and he has an ability to be able, quite chameleon like to understand his audience and pitch himself at the level that they are going to be happy with.

I have never really stood up and endorsed anyone in this way but I would genuinely say that Stalkie is the real article and has made a real difference to our business but done it for the right reasons because he absolutely unlocks the potential in people rather than teaches them to be better robots for the company.’

Sir Charles Dunstone, founder Carphone Warehouse

‘The increase in engagement liberated an extra £100 million of resources that had previously been burned on paying salaries to disengaged staff.’

Martyn Phillips, HR Director, B&Q

‘I’m in social work, which is an industry where you have to be very confident. We deal with very disturbed children a lot of the time and if you’re not a confident person then you don’t have a hope of being able to take that on and influencing the outcome of the children that we care for. So it’s very much important to have this information that has been presented.

I would say just go with the flow, you’re going to get out of this course what you put into it. So really be opened minded, come along, join in and have fun and you’ll get out of it what you put in.

You’re going to come out with more confidence, you’re going to come out with some ideas on how you can improve things in your own life and how you’re going to be able to influence other people and just make your whole life better, the world a better place for everybody really.’

Nick Crabbe Social Worker – Blue Sky Fostering

‘The course was unbelievable in every aspect. I have known a lot of people who have gone on self-help/motivational/leadership courses of various kinds, and I have always viewed them with scepticism. Now I am a believer. The course has changed the way I view things in my life, not only the way I live it, but the way I interact with everybody else I meet.’

Paul Kaye, Greene King Plc

“Paul Stalker’s approach to life is a real inspiration. Having built a successful business he then faced a life threatening illness in Hodgkins Lymphoma. Such was his determination, he overcame the disease and now focuses some of his work on helping people with similar challenges under the banner of his company The Extra Mile Partnership.”

Robert Devereux, Co-founder of The Virgin Group

‘Having attended a Paul Stalker seminar, I realise what enormous impact Stalkie’s material will have on our business. Participants left the room enlivened by their experience with the new found knowledge that they can affect everything and everyone they come into contact with by choosing their attitude and living life according to their values. As far as any business is concerned there will undoubtedly be a cultural shift and increase in sales commensurate with this.’

Julie McDonald, Human Resources Director, Pizza Express

‘For me the seminar was a once in a lifetime experience. It has helped me become a better person – I know I can do anything if I put my mind to it. Paul taught us how to love, respect and honour other people and how we will naturally get it in return. I will carry his teachings with me through life.’

Samantha McArther, Sales Consultant, Chorus

‘I attended the seminar with a healthy dose of scepticism but left with my eyes open to new methods of working and possibilities both on a professional and personal level.’

Russ, Richer Sounds, Chelsea store manager

‘The course was un-believable in every aspect. I have known a lot of people who have gone on self-help/motivational/leadership courses of various kinds, and I have always viewed them with scepticism. Now I am a believer. The course has changed the way I view things in my life, not only the way I live it, but the way I interact with everybody else I meet.’

Kevin Leach, Greene King Plc

‘I attended a seminar when Paul was taken on to help increase sales of a TalkTalk within The Carphone Warehouse. His seminar has not only helped me become a better sales person, but his story and words on focus and motivation have permeated other areas of my life. My relationship with my family has never been better and I have recently been promoted to Regional Training Manager.’

Robin Forsyth Regional Training Manager, The Carphone Warehouse Plc

‘Any latent creative talents have been exposed, challenged, processed and put into practice with outstanding innovation and increased sales. If this is the way we are moving our business forward then congratulations to Nigel Moore for having the courage and faith in his team to take his division forward.’

Vic Williams, Area Manager, Greene King Plc

‘I have already started to eat the correct food and I have completed my goals that I set myself when at the seminar. I now think before I speak. I walk with my head up high and smile at the people I pass in the street and also around work. I feel that it has affected my personal life a lot more than my work life, however it has help me to communicate a lot better with my colleagues.’

M Graing, The Carphone Warehouse

‘Having spent the last 20 years in sales I always felt that I had been a motivated, self-starting individual who knew not only myself, but others very well. Stalkie took my thought process to places I didn’t know existed and from this I have become more confident, more focused and above all a more patient individual.

I have made several positive life direction changes I never would have done – the most valuable being contacting my father after 5 years.

After attending the two day seminar my life changed immeasurably. This experience has made me realise you can choose whatever path you wish to take and that path for me is fantastic.’

Paul Vicary, Company Director