1 Day Event


For two decades, Paul “Stalkie” Stalker has studied what makes us who we are and what determines human behaviour and how you can personally create a lasting change in yourself and others. He has interacted with hundreds of thousands of people from countless countries religions and backgrounds.


1 Day Event

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‘I have sat through many talks & seminars in my employment with various companies and this was one of the first that not only gave me some great ideas to take away for the work place but also with regards to dealing with the tantrums presented to me by my son! Not only did Paul help me put issues and problems into a different perspective on how to deal with these but he also made me laugh!’

Chris, Richer Sounds Customer Service manager

‘Life coaching with Paul Stalker has been a personal revelation. The focus on ‘what is really important to me’, has improved my performance in business and my balance bet ween work and home.’

Andrew Keating, Director of Store Operations, B&Q

Begin your journey to creating an outstanding life for yourself, friends, family, customers and colleagues. You will leave after one day with a feeling of gratitude and the right attitude in order to create a life of lasting success and fulfilment. You can create an opportunity in your life that other people have only dreamed about.

With a proven track record in the field of peak performance coaching, Stalkie currently coaches Directors in business, members of the Great Britain Olympic team and is endorsed by the England Rugby manager and not forgetting Pat the florist in Ringwood.

Raise Your Game


In Raise Your Game Now! we have created a set of fundamental skills and strategies that will leave you externally more effective and internally more fulfilled.

Book now to take back the life you were born to lead!

What leaders are saying about Paul ‘Stalkie’ Stalker

Stuck in a rut? Are the years going by and nothing changing? How many times have you said to yourself enough is enough?

Well…now is the time to act.

In life it’s not about what happens to you it’s about what response you choose. We will help condition you to take action when you are scared and worried and to know that feeling of fear and doing it anyway. It’s going to be the new you. No longer are you going to settle for an average life. Together we are going to create the ultimate life for you, your colleagues, your company, your family and friends.

From performing this seminar to hundreds of thousands of people we know from past experience the power it will have on your life.

Become a leader in your life at work and at home and be a force for good.

Money Back Guarantee

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100% satisfaction guaranteed

‘The course was unbelievable in every aspect. I have known a lot of people who have gone on self-help / motivational / leadership courses of various kinds, and I have always viewed them with scepticism. Now I am a believer. The course has changed the way I view things in my life, not only the way I live it, but the way I interact with everybody else I meet.

Paul Kaye, Greene King Plc

If you are unsatisfied we offer 100% of money back. At the end of the seminar you can go to an Extra Mile colleague and we will give you a full refund.