Greene King

The Brief

After purchasing a series of pubs and amalgamating the existing and new into the ‘high street division’, Greene King needed to create a team of 150 pubs with synergy rather than many individuals working autonomously and in their own direction with the emphasis being on empowering the pub managers to empower others.

What Stalkie and The Extra Mile Partnership did

Working with the Area Director, Nigel Moore, Stalkie built a programme and delivered this via a series of events. Most of the pub managers attending the course did not even know each other. By the end of the work with Stalkie they became an extremely close unit with increased initiative, stronger sales performance and a real sense of camaraderie and enthusiasm for each other as well as the high street division. This culminated with one of the high street division pubs winning the ultimate accolade – Pub of the Year out of over 600 competitors.