We Work with Business Leaders & Teams to Ignite Personal and Professional Success

Are you tested, challenged, questioned, guided, supported, inspired, motivated, wowed and consistently educated in your business and in your personal life? What about your key execs and teams?

With our Raising Your Game Together Mastermind Groups, we like to think we achieve all the above and more, in a stimulating and fun environment.

We work with individual business leaders who come together in private, monthly peer groups, or we can bring you and your team leaders together to bespoke Mastermind Groups for the specific needs and outcomes of your business.

Either way, we develop leaders and role models to deliver good profit for their companies and to develop outstanding lives for themselves, their families, their colleagues, customers and communities. Now, who can resist a bit of that?

Our Core Values

Treat others how you wish to be treated
Give more to the team than you wish to receive
Seek to understand before seeking to be understood
Always look for the good


These are a few first-hand highlights of some typical breakthroughs in the business and personal lives of some of our current Mastermind Group Members…

“Our Mastermind WhatsApp group connects us with other members and makes you feel there are trusted people there to watch your back”

“Stalkie is great at drilling into the nitty gritty, defining the root problem and then coming up with solutions to resolve them”

“Stalkie and his team have an intuitive ability to either directly coach or connect us to reliable resources who always make telling contributions or timely assists to our success”

“A day doesn’t pass without Stalkie and his team offering caring, insightful and educational responses to requests for advice or invitations from Group Members”