Detox your thoughts and raise your game!

Festive Gratitude

Detox your thoughts and raise your game!

It’s ironic that this season of goodwill can bring with it a bit of added stress as we test our organizational skills, our patience and we empty our wallets.

So, if you find yourself terrorizing sympathy – telling a few ‘poor me’ stories, how hard you’ve got it, how skint you are… stop it right there! Raise Your Game!

When a victim or scarcity mentality kicks in, your toxic thoughts blight your ability to realise your potential.

When you run out of truth, love, happiness and support for those honest, loving, happy, supportive around you, then you will alienate them. You’ll end up talking ‘about’ rather than ‘talking to’ each other.

Give the emotions you wish to receive


The best present you can ever give to yourself is to give the emotions you wish to receive.

The best Christmas list you can write is a gratitude list.

Amongst the Christmas mayhem, take time out to write down the everyday things, the people, the places, the happenings, the feelings that you are truly grateful for.

Giving thanks is a simple building block towards raising your game. And it’s not just for Christmas!

You Can Raise Your Game!