Turning Companies into Families

There is one simple question that we ask every new Extra Mile client – ‘is your business chasing bad profit or good profit?

Bad profit is earned at the expense of the customer. It is based on short-term strategy and tactics – corporate steroids that burn out employees and alienate customers.

Good profit is earned with the customer’s enthusiastic cooperation. Its foundations are built upon a sequence of high quality, engaging relationships which fuel customer loyalty and create promoters which in turn leads to sustainable growth.

A business should be viewed as a family in which sustainable growth and fulfilment starts with winning the hearts and minds of your family members. It thrives on honest relationships, managed expectations and clarity of communication, in which you all feel safe, trusted and cared for, where creative thinking and entrepreneurialism is encouraged and behaviour reflects a mutually agreed set of core values.

Over the past 20+ years, Paul ‘Stalkie’ Stalker and the Extra Mile team have had considerable success in contributing to a number of world class corporate environments. We have tapped into the DNA of these winning businesses, captured the sequence, modelled it and we tailor it to the needs and benefits of our multi-disciplinary clients. We call it ‘The Extra Mile Model’.

We have proved, with every client we work with, that increased colleague engagement equates to significantly improved business KPIs:

  • better sales
  • recurring revenues
  • higher ATV
  • longer life time value of clients
  • less attrition
  • less absenteeism
  • less shrinkage
  • less resource spent on disciplinaries, disputes
  • lower recruitment and training costs

Our culture and engagement programs reveal and tackle the challenges that business leaders need to grasp if they wish to spearhead a high-performance culture geared to sustainable growth.

If you would like to know how we do it, please contact us now and we’ll be happy to arrange a free of charge, no obligation chemistry meeting with you. We’ll listen to your back story and current challenges, share some of our diagnostic tools with you, introduce some of the ‘Raise Your Game Now!’ principles we use in our engagement programs and go from there.

Or, if you want to assess the impact of our work further, please take a peek at the videos on this page and delve into our archive of case studies and testimonials

‘I have sat through many talks & seminars in my employment with various companies and this was one of the first that not only gave me some great ideas to take away for the work place but also with regards to dealing with the tantrums presented to me by my son! Not only did Paul help me put issues and problems into a different perspective on how to deal with these but he also made me laugh!’

Chris, Richer Sounds Customer Service manager

‘Life coaching with Paul Stalker has been a personal revelation. The focus on ‘what is really important to me’, has improved my performance in business and my balance bet ween work and home.’

Andrew Keating, Director of Store Operations, B&Q

What leaders are saying about Paul ‘Stalkie’ Stalker

‘The course was unbelievable in every aspect. I have known a lot of people who have gone on self-help / motivational / leadership courses of various kinds, and I have always viewed them with scepticism. Now I am a believer. The course has changed the way I view things in my life, not only the way I live it, but the way I interact with everybody else I meet.

Paul Kaye, Greene King Plc