Do not leave your company culture to chance

Do You Need to Raise Your Game? Is mutual accountability hardwired into your culture?

  • Are there pockets of disengaged colleagues in your business, or does it run deeper?
  • Do your colleagues buy-in to your vision, mission and values?
  • Do they think your business is a great place to work?
  • Do you reward and recognise your teams meaningfully?
  • Do you have the systems and processes in place to support your teams in their daily activities?
  • Do your KPIs genuinely motivate your teams?
  • Is their clarity of communication and feedback throughout the business?
  • Are you burning cash on attrition, absenteeism, poor sales and less-than-sparkling customer service?

If you think your company culture is far from proactive or being left to chance, our Raise Your Game business diagnostic will uncover the reasons why in a matter of days.

We can also support you in plotting your path towards sustainable solutions.

Our business diagnostic includes:

  • Behavioural Analyses – do you have the right people in the right places
  • Colleague Attitude Survey – a temperature check on how you’re people really feel and the effect it has on their behaviour.
  • One to One interviews – our skilled consultants have the knack of creating a safe environment for your colleagues to open up without fear of repercussion
  • Five Dysfunctions of a Team – working with the five elements of a well-functioning team – trust, constructive conflict, accountability, results – is critical to understand how your teams work together and what are the areas for improvement
  • Internal Net Promoter Score – a powerful metric to benchmark feelings and to pinpoint who and what are working well or not
  • Our Report includes profit makers, profit drainers and recommendations on what to implement and improve your strategy for business success


These are a few first-hand highlights of some typical breakthroughs in the business and personal lives of some of our current Mastermind Group Members…

“Our Mastermind WhatsApp group connects us with other members and makes you feel there are trusted people there to watch your back”

“Stalkie is great at drilling into the nitty gritty, defining the root problem and then coming up with solutions to resolve them”

“Stalkie and his team have an intuitive ability to either directly coach or connect us to reliable resources who always make telling contributions or timely assists to our success”

“A day doesn’t pass without Stalkie and his team offering caring, insightful and educational responses to requests for advice or invitations from Group Members”