Biographies | Dawn Stalker

As MD of the Raise Your Game Partnership, and Stalkie’s better half, Dawn is the organisational and strategic heartbeat of the Extra Mile extended family. She is also a key interface with the  majority of our clients.

With a 20 year, C-suite pedigree in magazine publishing, marketing and media (and Stalkie management), Dawn provides coaching, guidance and leadership to senior managers in start-up, scale-up and stable organizations across multi-industries including retail and technology, professional and financial services, marcom and creative, marine and public sector.

Dawn has a specialization in talent management, job analysis and workforce planning, recruiting, performance management, employee development and engagement and internal projects regarding quality, marketing, and process improvement.

Biographies - Dawn Stalker, MD of the Raise Your Game Partnership

Biographies | Chris Humphreys

Having spent 20 years as an advertising sales director and publisher, Chris works alongside Paul ‘Stalkie’ Stalker at The Raise Your Game Partnership coaching outstanding individuals, executives and teams across a variety of industry sectors.

Chris is a renowned personal and business communications coach, and one of the originators of the ‘Raise Your Game Now!’ approach to personal and business growth, development and practical positive psychology, as well as the ‘Going the Extra Mile’ operating model for engaging workforces to grow sustainable profit. He has authored three books in these fields.

His main areas of focus are engagement, culture and cultural turnaround, people development, internal and external communication and customer relations.

Chris particularly relishes running the Extra Mile Mastermind Groups and also runs one of the largest community choirs in the country, hosting regular choral events.

Biographies - Chris Humphreys The Raise Your Game Partnership

Biographies | Vicki LaBouchardiere

Vicki loves helping ambitious people get the best out of themselves, specialising in coaching executives and entrepreneurs. If you’re a high-achiever, she’ll know you probably expect a lot of yourself, work much harder than everyone else, and still beat yourself up for all the things you don’t do!

It’s Vicki’s job to help you appreciate your strengths and identify your barriers to success. She’ll often use profiling and assessment tools to dig into your mindset, so you get the guidance you need as quickly and efficiently as possible.

In addition to her coaching work, Vicki has a commercial background in construction and property and co-directs an accountancy practice in Dorset with husband Kevin. They have four grown-up children together who have all flown the nest, so she’s now enjoying living in a strangely quiet and tidy cottage.

When Vicki isn’t working, you’ll find her in the gym or writing her next book.

Biographies | Vicki LaBouchardiere, The Raise Your Game Partnership

Biographies | Andy Oxley

Digital Producer at The Raise Your Game Partnership for 5 years, with particular expertise in filming and producing video content for us and for our clients.

Andy recently filmed and directed a one-hour, fly-on-the-wall documentary ‘Improve Your Life Now!’ screened on Channel 4 about Stalkie.

His short-form documentaries have screened at festivals all over the world and at cinemas nationwide, winning several awards. His most recent short film, Born To Be Mild, has had over 500,000 views. He has also appeared in front of the camera, featuring in a recent BBC3 programme about new filmmakers.

Biographies | Digital Producer at The Raise Your Game Partnership